Can your water do more for you?

Prism Beverage brings you a refreshing CBD sparkling water that sets itself apart from the rest. We offer a delicious, no nonsense sparkling mineral water with zero hemp, zero THC, zero calories and zero sugar. Our focus at Prism is purely on flavor and quality, sustainable ingredients, and the guarantee that our citrus derived CBD has a purity level of 99.5%, allowing you to experience the full potential of a safe, pure and delicious beverage every time.

Prism is pure CBD sparkling water refreshment with just three ingredients

Sparkling mineral water, natural flavoring and citrus derived CBD

CBD Derived from Citrus Peels

Our CBD is derived from citrus rather than from hemp or cannabis. You will not fail a drug test or ‘get high’ from drinking Prism CBD Sparkling Water.

Pure & Simple Refreshment

Prism CBD sparkling water is naturally flavored with zero sugar, zero calories, zero hemp, and zero THC for your active, healthy lifestyle.

We Care About Sustainability

From our infinitely recyclable aluminum can to our CBD derived from leftover citrus peels, we care about the impact Prism has on the environment.

Enjoy Prism in Five Fabulous Flavors

Ginger Lemonade, Meadow Mint, Limoncello, Juicy Mango, Blood Orange Papaya

Sparkling mineral water with CBD derived from citrus rather than hemp or cannabis

About Prism

Prism Beverage was founded in 2019 as a collaboration of like-minded individuals who wanted to produce a safe, delicious, and consistent alternative to the hemp-derived CBD beverages found in today’s market. Prism sparkling CBD water contains a citrus derived CBD, which is one of the cleanest CBDs available in the world, testing at 99.5 percent purity and above every time. By showcasing a citrus derived CBD, we ensure a ZERO THC product. In addition, Prism is free of heavy metals, pesticides, or any other undesirable ingredients that can be present in hemp-based CBD alternatives. Prism is manufactured in Montana with a clean and delicious mineral water that we blend with all-natural flavors creating a zero sugar and zero calorie CBD beverage to enhance a healthier lifestyle. We invite you to enjoy Prism and experience our unique water for a more colorful life.


Refreshing Flavors


Sugar, Calories, THC, Hemp

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