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FAQ about Hemp and Citrus Derived CBD

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of 113 identified cannabinoids predominantly found in hemp and cannabis plants.

There are a variety of reasons people chose to take CBD. It may help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain and inflammation, arthritis, seizures and many more ailments. Currently the FDA has a prescription-based CBD medication to help with the treatment of seizures after their extensive study showed the benefits of consuming CBD for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome.

Citrus Derived CBD is a bio-identical alternative to hemp and cannabis derived CBD. This alternative is produced from naturally occurring terpenes found in citrus peels and is a guaranteed THC-free CBD. In addition, the Citrus Derived CBD found in our beverages is pesticide free with a purity level of 99.5+% every time.

No, the CBD found in Prism is not synthetic. It is produced from naturally occurring terpenes found in citrus compounds. This Citrus Derived CBD is achieved by a molecular reconstruction process known as Cyclic Terpene Assembly (CTA). This takes place in a secure laboratory environment guaranteeing impeccable consistency and purity every time.

There are quite a few ways that Citrus derived CBD is different than Hemp Derived CBD:

  • Citrus derived CBD is 100% consistent from batch to batch. Hemp derived CBD varies from batch to batch just as any plant varies from harvest to harvest. No two hemp harvests are identical therefore a company’s hemp derived CBD can’t be identical from batch to batch. Citrus derived CBD is formed in a laboratory to be 100% identical every batch.
  • Citrus Derived CBD never comes in contact with the hemp and cannabis plants and therefore CANNOT contain any traces of THC. Hemp derived CBD only needs to contain less than 0.3% THC so there is a chance you could fail a drug test from using hemp derived CBD.
  • Citrus Derived CBD does not contain any pesticides, heavy metals, molds or mycotoxins that are known to be present in a variety of hemp derived CBDs.
  • Citrus Derived CBD never comes into contact with hemp or cannabis and can guarantee it is 100% THC free 100% of the time. Hemp derived CBD cannot make this promise as it is likely to have varying levels of THC from harvest to harvest. Prism likes to offer consumers the security and confidence of a 100% THC free product.

There are many studies that have reported that CBD may help with pain and inflammation reduction, stress and anxiety relief, depression, insomnia, arthritis, Multiple Schlerosis (MS), Schizophrenia, Parkinsons, and epilepsy and seizure disorders. The FDA approved their first CBD prescription medication in 2018 called Epidiolex for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, which both cause violent seizures in patients.

Here are a few links to journal articles on CBD research from the National Institute of Health:

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No! Because the Citrus Derived CBD we use never comes into contact with hemp or cannabis it is not possible for it to contain any traces of THC. Hemp derived CBD is only required to have less than 0.3% THC in it.

No. CBD is not psychoactive and therefore our Citrus Derived CBD cannot get you high.

As many as you’d like! We portion the amount of CBD in our beverages so that you can enjoy it daily and as often as you’d like without worrying about consuming too much CBD.

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